Stellio Music Player

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Advanced music player with themes support, powerful audio and integration with VK, Dropbox and Android Wear.


Powerful audio engine
- Crossfade - Smooth transition from one track to another
- Gapless Playback - lets the tracks flow seamlessly, without a gap
- High-Resolution Audio playback
- 12 bands equalizer and 13 audio effects: VolumeAmp, Speed, Tone, Balance, Echo, Reverb, AutoWah, Flanger, AGC, Z-Bass, Z-Mids, Z-Treblr, Compression
- Support playlist file: .cue .pls .m3u
- Supports a large number of rare audio formats: WavPack(.wv .wvc), Monkey(.ape), MusePack (.mpc .mpp .mp+), Lossless (.mp4 .m4a .m4b), AAC (.aac .mp4 .m4a .m4b ), FLAC (.flac), Speex (.spx .wav .oga .ogg)

Full support Android Wear
Control music from a watch, choose a track without taking your phone from the pocket.
Following possibilities are included:
- The audio player can browse it by artist, folders, or albums
- It can even color the surrounding elements by cover
- Like on a phone, the player changes it color by track cover art

VKontakte integration (Plugin)
- Available for listening to: My music, Friends,Friends, Groups, Popular, Search, Playlists, Saved
- Simple to share music with your friends
- Easy authorization without username and password (Only if official vk client is installed)
- Listen to cached tracks without internet
- Save the order of tracks in the cached list
- Listen to popular tracks by genres

Dropbox integration (Plugin)
- Available for listening to: Folders, Playlists and Saved
- Easy authorization without username and password (Only if official dropbox client is installed)
- Listen to cached tracks without internet

A lot of a features
- Play audio by Folders, Artists, Albums or Genres
- The player changes appearance by track's cover art
- Beautiful lock screen
- 5 configurable Homescreen widgets
- Customizable appearance of the notification
- Sleep timer with smooth fading of audio
- Shake or long click on volume button for next track
- View lyrics
- Tags editing
- Automatically download missing covers or by the user choice
- Scrobbling Last.fm

Requared Android: 4.0.x and above

Developer: Stellio Team
Vkontakte Group: http://vk.com/stellio.player

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