Answers to the most popular questions:

Where is VKontakte/Dropbox

Integration with VKontakte and Dropbox is available as separate plugin.

What to do if i forget activation code?

Write us on stellio.play@gmail.com from the email which you purchased the activation code. We will repair the code and send it to you.

How to purchase Stellio Player, without debit card? - Not from Google Play

On the site stellio.ru you can purchase an activation code and enter it in the player. Stellio supports more than 40 payments methods: Credit cards, QIWI, MTS, Megafon, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and so on.

How to unlock Stellio on my other devices?

If you bought the Unlocker from Google Play:
1. Log in Google Play with account you bought Unlocker.
2. Download Unlocker on Google Play. It is free if you bought it before.

If you bought the activation code:
1. Settings - About - Bind code.
2. Open the player on another device and in the purchase dialog click on "Have bound code?"
* It does not work with AppOfTheDay activation code

I can't find purchased Stellio Unlocker on the Google Play

Unfortunately, Unlocker version of Stellio player was deleted from Google Play. Because of the player allows you listen to music from vk.com social network. We tried to return the app to the store, but unsuccessfully.
You can download it here - Stellio Unlocker v3.0.apk.
It only works if you purchased the Unlocker before.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

The player does not accept license Google Play

1. Ensure Stellio Unlocker installed (Some android systems can uninstall app without any notice)
2. Ensure you logged in google play account, where you did purchase player (Settings - Accounts)
3. Ensure you have internet connection
* LuckyPatcher and similar applications can prevent right checking of license
** The dialog shows on first activation or when license is wrong

Can't unlock player by code on new device/rom

If you bound key before, click on "Have bound key?" and choose an account.
If no - update the code on the site and enter it again in the player.

3-rd party equalizers do not work with Stellio Player

1. Disable the equalizer in Stellio - Equalizer=>Menu=>Disable
2. If it does not help - kill and open Stellio or reboot the phone

* Enable compatible mode if you use viper4android (ViperFx)
** It only works with version 4.03

Music skips, hiccups, stutters

Audio skipping is a complex issue, it can be generated by many factors:

- SD card issues (try to play same file in stock player, if it happens there as well - that's it). Can happen also if many songs/images/movies recently uploaded to the phone (stock system scanner one some devices is slow and takes a lot of SD card bandwidth)

- Bluetooth issues. This usually affects any player on the device. Try to Unpair, then Pair BT device again

- HTC Sense 4.0+Beats ROMs produces skips. Try to disable beats for Stellio

- additional 3rd party audio effects. Try to temporarily disable additional audio effects and check if it helps

- some cpu hungry apps (free app like OSMonitor can show total and per process cpu consumption and find offending app/service)

- some broken formats (if skipping happens for the same songs, always, and doesn't happen for others)

You can increase audio buffer in order to prevent stuttering via Settings => Audio => Audio buffer size

CPU/battery consumption

When Stellio plays some file, total cpu usage will be the same or lower comparing to total cpu utilization, when standard Android player plays the same file.
All the work done by Stellio happens in the single process, while standard player and players play sound in system codec process (MediaServer), not in player process itself.

You can enable power-saving mode via Settings => Power-saving

Which permissions does the application use and why?

RREAD_PHONE_STATE - Set pause on call and resume playback on call end.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save covers, cache tracks, delete tracks, edit tags.

INTERNET - Access to network. To be able to download covers, view lyrics and do all actions with VKontakte and Dropbox plugins.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Check whether or not internet is available.

WRITE_SETTINGS - To be able to set a track as ringtone.

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - To check whether or not download cover art. Need only if you enable "Only via WiFi".

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - To start background service to be able to listen headset events. Need only if you enable "Start playing on headset is plugged" or "Start playing on bluetooth headset is plugged".